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Lianyungang 22 pollution-related shutdown dye intermediates business overall rise in prices


For users reflect the problems relating to environmental pollution Guanyun Lingang Industrial Zone, Lianyungang attaches great importance to environmental protection departments, city and county together, strike out, thorough investigation of illegal enterprises. Guanyun for Jixin chemical 22 companies ordered to stop production rectification of nine companies to give high-limit penalties, and seven companies responsible for 11 deadline given the highest administrative detention. Details are as follows:

First, the 22 companies ordered to stop crime

Ordered to stop remediation company include: Lianyungang Jixin Chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Yi Qi Lai Chemical Co., Chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Rui Pakistan, Guanyun Jin'an Chemical Co., Guanyun Fuyuan Paper Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Teng Yu Chemical Co. company Huapeng chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang, Lianyungang Sunny chemical Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Port Yan chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Kangen Ning chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Ruikun chemical industry Co., chemical Co., Ltd Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province medicine Prés Chemical Co., Ltd., Pioneer Chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang, Lianyungang City Shuai pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Lianyungang Wing Run Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu diversified work, times Hede Huaqiang (Lianyungang) pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiang Su Shuanghong chemical Ltd., Lianyungang Ziyan chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chunxiao medicine chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Bao chemical Co., Ltd. 22 liters.

Second, the nine high-limit penalties enterprise

Of nine companies were fined $ 100,000, including: Guanyun Fuyuan Paper Limited, Hong Kong Chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Xin Jiang Su Shuanghong Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Chunxiao Pharmaceutical & Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. Lianyungang Chemical Co., Mongolia or Thailand The company, Ziyan chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang, Lianyungang chemical Co., Ltd. Huapeng, Sunny chemical Co., Ltd. Lianyungang, Lianyungang Xin Yi-chemical Co., Ltd.

Three, seven of 11 companies responsible to administrative detention

Maximum period of 1, Yi Qi Lai Chemical. Director Cai Dehua, chief security ring Bo Lite storekeeper yellow gold and other 3 per capita sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days. 2, Fuyuan Paper. Legal representative Wang lock ring security chief Wang Xin 2 per capita liable to administrative detention for 15 days. 3, Dunning chemical. Zhu, deputy general manager in charge of environmental protection TERMINAL sentenced to administrative detention for 10 days. 4, Chunxiao Medicine. HSE department director Xueyun Hu sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days. 5, Tiger Chemical Industry. HSE department director Jiang Weifang sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days. 6, Ziyan chemistry. Zhang Jing, head of environmental protection, workers' Maurin method 2 is sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days. 7, spring chemical. Deputy general manager of Bi? Xiang sentenced to administrative detention for 15 days.

Enforcement of environmental protection through collaboration with the public security departments cracked down effectively curb the occurrence of the water quality of the environment of enterprises illegal sewage has been effectively improved.


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