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Anoky intends raised 500 million investment project to build 30,000 tons of dye intermediates


Anoky May 23 evening release set by the plan, the company intends to not more than five non-public offering specific investors no more than 80 million shares, the total funds to be raised no more than 530 million yuan, after deducting the cost of issue with Yantai to produce 30,000 tons of dye intermediates production project (350 million yuan), Jiangsu reactive dye technology projects (150 million yuan), and supplement working capital (030 million yuan). The company's shares will resume trading opened May 25.
    In terms of equity investment projects, Anoky intended to raise 350 million yuan investment in gold investment Yantai 30,000 tons of dye intermediates production projects with a total investment of 500 million yuan, including fixed assets investment of 398 million yuan, 102 million yuan of liquidity. The project will raise funds to increase Anno its wholly owned subsidiary - Yantai Anoky Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., the subsidiary by the implementation of this project.
    Statistics show that implementation of the project located in the north ditch Penglai Chemical Industry Park, the park is an approved professional Chemical Industry Park, the advantage is obvious. Park overall scientific and rational planning, the basis of their water, electricity, transportation and other supporting implementation of sound, with the implementation of the project requires external conditions.
    According to estimates, the project IRR 19.17% (after tax), payback period (after tax) was 6.7 years, better economic efficiency.
    Anoky said that the implementation of Yantai 30,000 tons of dye intermediates production projects, help to reduce production costs, improve market competitiveness. Notice that, as the company's rapid expansion of business scale, the company substantial growth in the scale of procurement dye intermediates. Dyes and intermediates upstream company achieved complete integration of production, can effectively reduce the impact of market volatility on the raw materials supply company, reducing the company's production costs, enhance the company's market competitiveness.
    Anoky also said that implementation of this project will help achieve the company's product line, extending upstream and improve the industrial chain of strategic objectives, and will further improve the company's industrial structure types.
    In addition, Anno its proposed 150 million yuan to raise funds invested in Jiangsu reactive dye technology projects. To raise funds for this project will be to increase its wholly owned subsidiary, Jiangsu Anno Chemical Co., by its implementation of this project.
    According to estimates, the project financial internal rate of return 33.41% (after tax), payback period (after tax) of 5. 2006.
    Notice that since the establishment of the company that is focused on the development, production and sale of dye products, has extensive production and management experience in the field of dyes, with strong production capacity and supply chain management capabilities. The technology projects will form put into annual output of 8,000 tons of low-temperature reactive dye dyeing 2,500 tons of high-grade printing reactive dyes, reactive dyes digital printing 300 tons, the production capacity of 3,000 tons of polyester / Nylon dyeing a dye bath.
    Anoky also said that the non-public offering reactive dye technology projects, technological transformation of existing production facilities, elimination of reduced raw sewage to produce a large amount of production lines and production capacity, product technological process widely used dyes and dye intermediates clean production, intrinsically safe new technology, the use of recycle process, greatly reduce the emissions of the product. At the same time, enhance the capacity of reactive dyes for the company's main business growth and add new impetus to enhance the company's profitability.



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